The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has configured two rooms in the George I. Sanchez building to host seminars and meetings that incorporate video conferencing and multimedia presentations. These rooms are available by reservation only.

Both rooms include high definition monitors, webcams, and noise-cancelling conference microphones. The larger seminar room, SZB 505, also features a high definition video conferencing system and document camera. The second room, SZB 423, is used primarily for groups smaller than ten and supports basic video conferencing using a webcam.

Reserve SZB 423 ×
Reserve SZB 505 ×
  • SZB 423
  • Small Conference Room
  • Space for small meetings, dissertation proposals, and defenses
  • Large Screen Monitor
  • 10-person conference table
  • Basic video conference capabilities
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  • SZB 505
  • Larger Seminar Room
  • Video conferencing technology for connecting remote participants
  • Two Large Screen Monitors
  • Seating for 20
  • High-end video conferencing capabilities
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